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Endeavor – a Relaxingly Tight Game

Why Endeavor? I love complex, heavy games. I love diplomacy, scheming and plot intricacies. But, at times, I love to take a breath from all of that. I purposefully want to relax and think about my own stuff… my own strategy, without too much warmongering, without too much caring to

[Review] Pax Renaissance – A Fine Balance Between Abstraction And Theme

The world is trying to exit from the Dark Ages, will you let it embrace the light brought by Laws and Republics, or stay in the totalitarianism of a few Rulers? Let’s get this sorted from the get-go: at first glance Pax Renaissance doesn’t really look like the engaging game

The Kingmaker – Let’s talk about Board Games, Theme & Mechanics

Mechanics and how they tie to a Game’s Theme is something I really love about Board Games, and it’s amazing when these elements interweave. This blog is often going to indulge on these topics while taking a look into the Side Quest of Board Game Design. I also drool over